maxon sensor DC tachos

Analog high-resolution DC tachos

Perfect for direction-of-rotation detection

DC tachos are suitable for direction-of-rotation detection with analog speed signal. In principle, any maxon DC motor can be used as a DC tacho. For motor-tacho combinations, we offer a DC tacho that has the tacho rotor mounted directly on the motor shaft.

Properties of maxon DC tachos:

  • Analog speed signal
  • Direction-of-rotation detection
  • Not suited for positioning tasks

Other maxon sensors


For positioning tasks and precise speed control.

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Precision digital encoders for DC brushed and brushless (maxon EC) motors

For precise rotor position detection of DC motors.

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Robust, analog resolvers
DC tachometers

For direction detection with analog speed signal.

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Analogue DC tachometers
ENX Encoders

3-channel encoder for extremely compact installation. The counts per turn can be programmed at the factory.

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